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Composite hose-Chemical Hose

Product Details:


Composite hose, which originated from Europe, is the latest safe petrochemical
soft hose. It is made of reinforced high molecular polymer layer, sealing layer and outer cover,sealed and wound through advanced computer technology, supported by inner and outer spiral wire.

Standard and Testing

Seasonflex composite hose is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance

with International standard EN13765, BS3492, BS5842 and ISO9001.

1.Select material extremely according to the standard.
2.Assembling different camlocks according to different situations, camlocks are replaceable and repairable.
3.1.5 times working pressure testing and electric resistance and elongation testing are done strictly according to the standards before delivery out of our factory.
4.Safety factor β=Burst pressure/Working pressure≥4  burst testing surpass all related standards.

Pressure Test Resistivity Test

1.The complicated working conditions, such as wind, wave, ship's sway, hose weight and operation factors at sea and coats have been taken into account when designing.Seasonflex oil hose is made of corrosion resistant material, suitable in coastal conditions with high corrosion.
2.Reinforced steel strength and other improved materials help to lighten hose weight and enhance flexibility.

Standard seasonflex hoses are made of multifunctional polymer film and reinforced synthetic fibre layer, supported by spiral inner and outer wire.
Inner wire: stainless steel wire, polypropylene or TEFLON coated steel.
Outer wire: stainless steel wire, polypropylene or TEFLON coated steel.
Inner lining: high strength weaved cloth and polypropylene film, PTFE film.
Reinforced layer and outer cover: reinforced layer enhance pressure-bearing; outer cover is age resistance and colourful.
Specially engineered as a transfer hose for chemical mediator between ships and docks.
Seasonflex chemical composite hose can transfer majority of chemical medium under both positive and negative pressure. Specially engineered as a transfer hose for chemical medium's loading and uploading on train, vehicle and tanker.

Working pressure: 7-17Bar
Diameter: 1”-10”
Temperature range: -30℃~+80℃